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Party Makeup

Work hard, party harder! This surely is the mantra of today’s youth. Just imagine how would it look if you hit the party with a shabby makeup? Half of the fun would be lost. This is where a party makeup artist comes into the picture. The party makeup artist will make sure that your makeup is just perfect for that evening. A nicely done makeup means Instagram ready photos. From the perfect selfies to the best group-fies, it is your party makeup artist that will make you a rage on Facebook and Instagram. Book an appointment with Nail One Makeover Salon and within a few hours, your makeup artist will make sure you look absolutely stunning and picture perfect for the party.

  • Party Makeup

    Junior Artist

    Senior Artist
  • Light Day Party MAkeup

    ₹2500 ₹2000

  • Night Party Makeup

    ₹3500 ₹3000

  • Engagement Makeup

    ₹5500 ₹4500

  • reception Makeup

    ₹7000 ₹5500

  • nude Makeup

    ₹1199/(only makeup)

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