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Nail Extensions

At NAIL ONE - Makeover Salon , our awarded nail technicians are thoroughly trained, extremely professional & courteous, and always prompt to listen to and deliver to your requests. As part of our comprehensive range of nail services, we are pleased to offer residents of the delhi the best quality Nail Extensions services . Nail extensions extends your natural nails through the application of gel or acrylic. The result will be nails that will look refined, elegant and completely natural. We at NAIL ONE - Makeover suggest that you schedule appointments on regular basis to maintain your nail extensions. When nail extensions lift, crack, or grow out without maintenance ,water & dirt can get trapped under the nails, and fungus can grow. Therefore, it is important that you refill your nail extensions at our Nail Studio every two to three weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. For more comprehensive treatment of your hands, we invite you to schedule a manicure to complement your beautiful new nails.

  • Get / Acrylic Overlay


  • Get / Acrylic Extension

  • Buzz Cut (No Scissor Work)

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